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Our experts in Salt Lake City, Utah have access to billions of names at the Family History Library.

We can conduct research for all states in the United States and all Canadian provinces.

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A Professional Research Service at an Affordable Price

The ANCESTOR SEEKERS FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH SERVICE is a professional genealogy research service undertaken at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, housing the world's largest collection of genealogical records.

Our researchers have spent many years working with these records at the Library as part of the staff or as volunteers and are therefore able to provide expert help. Current library staff members do not undertake the work.

We have completed research projects for over 3,000 satisfied clients, mainly from the United States and Canada, since 2005. See Research Service Testimonials

Reliable Research from Original Records

We have access to the vast collection at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City - 2.4 million rolls of microfilm, 742,000 microfiche, 356,000 books, and an increasing number of digitized records. Consequently there is a very good chance that the records of your ancestors - your family history - are here, waiting to be found.

Our approach is to go right back to the original records wherever we can. These records include church/civil birth, marriage and death records, passenger lists, family histories and genealogical collections. This has become increasingly important as an ever-increasing amount of incorrect and unverified information continues to find its way on to the Internet, making Internet research alone unreliable.

Free Research Plan

If you are considering hiring a professional researcher to help with your family history, we invite you to Request a Research Plan without obligation. We will conduct some preliminary work at no charge in which we will:

  1. Review your current information
  2. Check which records at the Library might provide information on your ancestors
  3. Prepare a suggested research plan, including how much any further research would cost
  4. Email this to you for your consideration.

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Research Weeks

A week at the Family History Library with help from professional genealogists.

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See what our clients think about us in our Research Service Testimonials section.

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Affordable Prices

Should you wish to proceed with any work on your family history recommended in our Research Plan, this will be undertaken for a fee of $80 per hour.

No Minimums and No Obligation to Continue

Unlike some other research companies who will only do a minimum of 10 - 20 hours research, our minimum is only one hour (at $80) although most of our clients request three to five hours.

Our initial report will include suggestions for further research however there is no obligation to continue.

Our Guarantee

  • We will quote the price before any work on your family history is done.
  • We will never proceed with any work until we have quoted the fee and received authorization to proceed.
  • We guarantee not to exceed the quoted fee.
  • Nothing is payable until the work has been done.