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We work long hours here to provide a good service to our customers and we are always very grateful to learn that our efforts are appreciated. Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received recently.

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Ruthann, Michigan

I am so thrilled with the information you have found for me. I know you did a lot of work and I cannot tell you enough how much this means to me.

James, New Jersey

Thank you for all the great information about my ancestors. It is very rewarding to move forward and find new information about my family.

Tom Washington

This is an awesome service and I hope to be able to use it again.

John, Hawaii

Thank you for tracing my family. I think your researcher did a top notch job.

Dennie, Texas

Thank you so very much. This report is beautiful and so full of information and I am so very pleased with the work you have done.

Gretchen, Massachusetts

THIS IS FABULOUS!! I can not thank you enough for this painstaking work and I appreciate your enthusiasm for my family.

Phyllis, Illinois

I am thrilled at the amount of information that has been researched and the findings!! I'm very excited at the information that was found and thank everyone who did the research! This has been a big puzzle for so long and at last have some answers.

Randolph, Virginia

This greatly exceeding my expectations. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Leslie, California

I am so thankful for all your findings, so much more than I had even hoped for.

Clyde, California

Thank you so much for this information - the results are staggering and so amazing. Thanks so much for all the information. It is thrilling to read.

Jene, Oregon

I am so excited that you have found this information.

Howard, Nevada

I want to thank you so much for the excellent work! I look forward to doing more business with you!

Janell, Washington

Thank you so much for the wonderful research! I'll use your group again in the future.

Lynn, Illinois

You all do a fantastic job !! Your prices are reasonable and the results are quick and accurate. I couldn't be happier !

Fran, New York

What an amazing report - so much in so little time!

John, Illinois

Wow - fast and a lot of info. I will be a repeat customer

Helen, Florida

Boy, oh boy! I am overwhelmed with all this information. You and your researchers have been busy. I am stunned!! To find this much has left me speechless

Erica, Massachusetts

I am thrilled with the results

Kathy, Florida

I was thrilled to receive this information.

Stanley, Washington

This a THANK YOU for helping me I could not be any happier than if I found thousands of dollars. I am sure I would never had found this info without all your help.

Ruth, Pennsylvania

I am beyond thrilled with this latest report. Your research consultant is awesome and so very thorough in the research and in describing the steps and locations of the search.

Vera, California

As usual, this is wonderful information

Jim, Pennsylvania

Well, YOU found it! I am very gratified and excited to find a link at long last. Thank you both very much. I have attempted to trace this line for some 25 yrs. now, and had just about given up.

Bonnie, Illinois

The information you have provided me with is most valuable beyond what you anyone could imagine.

Barbara, Florida

Thank you so much, This has been a positive experience for me and i will not hesitate to recommend you to others.

John, Oregon

I am absolutely overwhelmed. I have always maintained that one gets what one pays for and always go to the professional in his/her field. You folks can do more in three hours than I could do in three months - absolutely incredible.

Karen, Wisconsin

Words can never express the gratitude I feel toward Ancestor Seekers for finding information about my ancestor. My father, who barely knew this grandfather, was here when I received your email. The pleased and incredulous look on his face was punctuated by his repeating, "wow, wow!" as he read the message. I appreciate your help and hope to work again with your organization.

Georgia, California

I am thrilled at the results you are having on this family that has stumped me for years

Gwen, Ohio

Thank you so much I am thrilled more than I can say.

Shirley, Texas

WOW!, this was definitely above my expectation. I am just totally amazed and truly excited. Thank you so very much.

Don, Illinois

Just a short note to Thank you all who have worked on my family history. The results were outstanding and I am so very much impressed and pleased. I can appreciate all of the work that has been put forward. Once again, "THANK YOU ALL". When I get to Salt Lake I will be honored to shake your hand.

Andrea, Indiana

Thank you for all of your wonderful work

Sharon, Texas

I am really excited about your great results. You have indeed answered many of my questions. Thank you sincerely for all your fine work. It is really worth the money.

Barbara, New Jersey

Again, thank you and please thank the researcher for their hard work. I will continue to recommend your service to my fellow searchers. You will undoubtedly hear from me again when I'm ready to take down another wall.

John, Manitoba

Thank you so much for your thorough report. I would certainly use your services in the future.

Pattie, Colorado

You just don't know how excited we are that you have found this much information

Dan, Ohio

Thank you very much for your excellent research, communications, and response time. If you ever need a reference, I will be happy to provide one. I have been working on genealogy for about ten years, and have a smattering knowledge of German, but it is quite clear to me that, on my own, I would never have located even 5-10% of the information that you have developed.

Kathy, New York

The information you have sent is wonderful! I am totally amazed that in those five hours you found so much. I'm sure I will be using your services again

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