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About the Ancestor Seekers company

Ancestor Seekers hosts the premier genealogy research trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. The company’s roots trace back to England, where Keith and Carol Spillar founded British Ancestors, offering expert genealogical services.

However, upon encountering the wealth of resources at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City they redirected their efforts to establish Ancestor Seekers and introduce the Dream Genealogy Vacation. This unique experience offers guests a week-long immersion in the world’s largest genealogical library, The FamilySearch Library, where they access unparalleled resources as well as receive exclusive instruction and guidance from professional genealogists.

Since its inaugural research week in February 2005, Ancestor Seekers has proudly welcomed genealogy enthusiasts for nearly two decades.

Keith and Carol’s longtime friends, Cynthia Bourne and Sandi Shields, took over Ancestor Seekers in 2023. They are firm believers in the significance of family connections and the vital role genealogy plays in establishing and understanding one’s family roots and how it gives us a deeper understanding of who we are.

Sandi and Cynthia are always delighted to hear the heartwarming stories that their guests share about finding long-lost relatives through genealogical research. To them there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as knowing that their work has helped bring families closer together.

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